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Spike Spiegel by Jokerinc
Spike Spiegel
So working my way through the Cowboy Bebop series... Love the characters and the short stories :D Wanted to remake ol' Spike Spiegel in my cartoon style. 

What's the best episode for you guys? Let me know in the comments.
Minox Sketch by Jokerinc
Minox Sketch
I owed my friend, Miles, a poster of my OC based on him :) He always wears a hoodie and kinda looks like a panda. 

Minox gained the ability to contain a black hole in his body so he's one of the wanted Metahumans in Bale City. His power allows him to pull in a huge amount of stuff into his mouth and belly. He mostly uses himself as a suitcase for pulling out supplies when he and his crew do a job but when he unleashes his black hole, it's best to start running. 

Minox is mostly docile like a panda but he still has a knack for being useful in his criminal crew led by "The Komodo". 

I'm trying to add this quaint line of action through this sketch... I'm still trying to learn how to do it right :)

Any suggestions on an arc for The Komodo Krew?
Boxing Archon by Jokerinc
Boxing Archon
Hey Ya'll! Whew... So I was going back to some training exercises so I can learn more to improve how I do my art and whatnot. 

I got some sound advice on learning to use more photo references so i get a better sense of proportions and anatomy. It's always been more a challenge for me since I like to create stories in my drawings more and tend to neglect the fundamentals of making it more lifelike. So I tried scouring the image searches for nice poses. I got this nice one with boxing gloves and I thought I could use this pose and apply it on one of my characters. 

I'm also trying to learn more about coloring. I added some cool shadows, which is something I haven't tried much yet. Also some warm highlights. Aside from this I'm trying to put more thought into my composition by adding more quiet areas and giving emphasis to some areas. 

So slowly, really slowly, I'm trying to make sure my art is getting more and more up to the level I want to be. :D 

Anyone else feel like me, climbing this giant wall of learning the fundamentals? :))
Numbuh 110: Chuck Package by Jokerinc
Numbuh 110: Chuck Package
My fan art for Codename: Kids Next Door :D I loved how clever this cartoon was and it was still pretty fun to watch. When a cartoon series has a more interesting world than what most people follow, it's like magic to me :D KND is full of stuff that I would like to refer to when I build up on my cartoon worlds. KND had a ton of fun stuff from, the operatives, the villains, the conspiracy, their technologies, their backstories, their lore, their rules, the fact that they can destroy so much stuff and nobody seems to notice... and the ANAGRAMS... Holy crap those things were so amusing.

Numbuh 110: Chuck Package
Leader of Sector U in Uruguay.

A geeky fanboy that is obsessed with comic books and video games. Outfitted all Sector U operatives with superhero costumes and powers to fight gaming curfews made by adults. Tries to find kids with unique abilities to join Sector U and help them control their amazing talents. :D

Any readers out there want their KND-OC to join Sector U? Share your idea on the comment section :D
Invader Zim Style Self Portrait by Jokerinc
Invader Zim Style Self Portrait
Hands were itchy after going to the 3DSense workshop... Will make some more fundamental styles soon... For the meantime, paying homage to the inspirations that started it all. Invader Zim Ya'll!!!
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You already know how much love I feel for you :D So I couldn't look for any more words. I just want to grab you and give you a big hug everyday and whenever I turn to face you while we sleep. Despite all your pointy joints that jab into my fluffyness, we still fit together. I love your smile, your laugh and when we play together. I know I worry a lot about stuff but that's not gonna change how I feel about you. :) Yes you drive me nuts a lot of the time, but that pales in comparison to how you make happy. I just want you to be the best person you can be so I refused to give up on you. :) You make me feel complete and appreciated :D I love you!


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The Stupendous Chuck Llanto!
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
I'm a 25 yr. old artist who likes to draw cartoons and comic strips. I hope you guys enjoy my work and feel free to contact me if you guys want any design work done. Also my works will be available for purchase if you're in the Philippines.

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